Eddy Verbiest joins VEDRA Pensions’ team and strengthens the Asset Liability Management and Analytics capabilities

  • Eddy Verbiest contributes 30 years of experience in Asset Liability Management with leading insurance companies and financial service providers
  • Thought leadership in mathematical modelling of asset allocation and investment risks

Monheim am Rhein, the 11.07.2023

In the process of the continued expansion, VEDRA Pensions ("VEDRA") is proud to announce that Eddy Verbiest has joined the VEDRA team as Senior Advisor in Asset Liability Management and Investment Structuring. Eddy Verbiest can look back on a 30-year successful career with various insurance companies and financial service providers, such as Fidea, Baloise Insurance or ING Investment Management. In his last leadership role with Fidea, a Belgian insurance company spun out of KBC and now part of Baloise Group, Eddy was responsible for the Asset Liability Management, treasury as well as the development of the asset management function. In this role, Eddy was also responsible for regulatory reporting.

Eddy holds a PhD in nuclear physics from KU Leuven and is involved in mathematical modelling as currently applied to asset allocation and risk management for insurance companies and pension funds. He regularly publishes new research, such as "Private Capital: Expected Return and Risk, Asset Allocation" from November 2022.

VEDRA Pensions, which pioneered the acquisition of defined benefit pension schemes - a so-called pension buy-out - in Germany, is thus continuing its expansion course. With a pension buy-out, companies can irrevocably transfer risks of pension liabilities such as inflation, longevity, interest rate and market risks to VEDRA as the acquirer. This allows companies to not only eliminate pension liabilities from their balance sheet, but also to mitigate the risk of potential shortfalls in assets.

"I have been working on asset and liability optimisation for more than thirty years and look forward to use my knowledge of physics research and risk management to further strengthen VEDRA's ALM analytics," says Eddy Verbiest.

"We are very excited to have Eddy Verbiest join our team. Eddy will further strengthen our asset liability management and risk assessment capabilities and support our continued growth while contributing to continued stable portfolio returns," says Pierre de Weck, Chairman of VEDRA's Advisory Board.

About VEDRA Pensions

VEDRA Pensions is a German holding company specialising in innovative and pragmatic solutions related to pension liabilities ("pension buy-outs"). Since its origins in 2016, VEDRA has already pioneered the German market in relieving companies from the four risks associated with pension liabilities: Inflation, Longevity, Interest Rate and Market Risks. Which means a legally and economically exempting transfer of the risks associated with the pension liability. The VEDRA model offers a solid and legally secure solution through an adequate initial funding. For the pensioners concerned, this in turn means the advantage of full funding of the obligations. Currently, VEDRA is already looking after several thousand claimants.