VEDRA Pensions appoints Dr Nicolas Blanchard to its Advisory Board

  • Dr Nicolas Blanchard joins the Advisory Board of VEDRA Pensions
  • Structuring know-how complements specialist expertise ideally

Monheim am Rhein, 11 March 2024

VEDRA Pensions ("VEDRA"), the pioneer in Germany for the buy-out of defined benefit pension obligations, has expanded its Advisory Board: Dr Nicolas Blanchard joined the four-member advisory board of the VEDRA Group on 01.03.2024.

Dr Blanchard concentrates on selected advisory activities with a focus on German SMEs and financial service providers in Germany and abroad. He is already a member of supervisory boards and advisory boards. Previously, Dr Blanchard was market director for customer business at Hamburger Handelsbank (HCOB) and general partner at Bankhaus Lampe. After completing his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg and working as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg and the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, Dr Nicolas Blanchard began his career in the financial services sector at Hypo-Vereinsbank in Munich.

"The baby boomers are approaching retirement age. And pension funding is becoming increasingly important, given the thousands of billions of euros in pension commitments in both the public and private sectors. Transferring risk is going to be crucial, both for individual companies and for the economy," says Nicolas Blanchard. "Having worked successfully with VEDRA since it was founded, I am looking forward to taking on a new responsible and challenging role on the Advisory Board.

"We are delighted to have Mr. Blanchard, a recognized expert in the financial sector, on our Advisory Board," commented Christian Petersmann, Managing Director of VEDRA Pension. "He is an ideal addition to our platform of experts with his extensive experience, particularly in the organization of financial structures, and his network. We are convinced that Nicolas Blanchard will play a key role in the achievement of our strategic objectives and we are looking forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of us".

About VEDRA Pensions 

VEDRA Pensions is a German holding company specialising in innovative and pragmatic solutions related to pension liabilities ("pension buy-outs"). Founded in 2016, VEDRA has already pioneered the German market by helping companies to eliminate the four risks associated with their pension liabilities: Inflation, longevity, interest rate and market risks. This means transferring, legally and economically, the risks associated with pension-related liabilities. The VEDRA model provides a reliable and legally secure solution by means of an adequate level of initial funding. For the pensioners concerned, this in turn means the advantage of full funding of the obligations. VEDRA currently serves several thousand beneficiaries.